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Lin Qi: exploring death a paper ring Fudan in Wei and Jin

Finish a dissertation on cultural classics, drew concern from Fudan University Professor, Lin Qi Shanghai Southwest Weiyu middle school high school senior girls from Fudan University independent admission "tickets". From Shi Shuo Xin Yu, the learned celebrities in the Wei and Jin dynasties from the concept of death, entitled listening to abstruse, articles for the 17 year old girl 2011 eighth annual "Burson-Marsteller Bowl".
After a series of careful independent recruitment and selection, not surprisingly, Lin Qi will enter the Chinese Department of Fudan University in the second half of the school.
Study the learned celebrities in the Wei and Jin dynasties "jaded enough" attitude when Lin Qi in an interview with China Youth daily reporter, has repeatedly stressed that he has not read a lot of classics, this 3000 word essay is written so many words for the first time, spend a couple of weeks time.
Fudan interview keen to explore the concept of death to question the Professor 17 years old girl interested in her life and death issues, Lin Qi unit persevering're too superficialto.
Fudan University independent admission interview, Professor Lin Qi to the examiner asks two questions: "celebrities and the general public's view of death (death concept, refers to the people's basic views on the value of death, as opposed to ' life ') is not the same, right? View celebrity elite such as death, is gradually infiltrated the folk influence in the history of the general population? "
In deciding on the fate of independent recruitment interviews, many seniors were misled on thin ice, will be prepared before even receiving specialized training. And Lin Qi repeatedly thinking they do look more important than exams.
At that time, the professor said that the idea is worth more than the contents of the paper, but disagreed with the view Lin Qi, celebrities are people, and their ideas of death and human nature of what is different?
Ask Professor Lin Qi was unable to give a very good answer, she had discussed and high school teacher Tang Mingbing, teacher taking her point of view. Examiner Professor and his Chinese teacher views are contradictory, but this leads to Lin Qi more deeper thinking.
According to Professor said's death was not for the general public more shallow than celebrities; in fact, the sense of death, 17 students are not more alienated than adults. Death, everyone will face the facts. Junior is also qualified to discuss, should not have "strong in order to write poetry that worry" being immodest. Junior on the emotional fear of death more than adults, and adults in the rational awareness of death more profound than junior.
Lin Qi recently wrote an article about the competition race feelings essay ancient poetry, Tang Mingbing in teacher's message wrote: "I thought, good life, combining the value of Lin Qi and me, supposed to be poetic virtuous life. She certainly knows this, and it lived. "In the eyes of the teacher, Lin Qi is a friend of a friend, but in terms of ideas, culture and character, interact with the teacher. In Tang's "expression of traditional cards and" special class, Lin Qi "Kiss," "good" and "conservation management", "solitude" and "perfection" and other topics, have a unique understanding and comprehension, and enjoy full and thorough expression.
Don teacher: Lin Qi have deep feelings about death and rational thinking about death, which is quite hard, her importance to the value of individual life and responsibility, affirm and promote "worship death" view of death, it is worthy of respect. "Inspection and recognition of the reality of young students, often appearance, Lin Qi can have historical consciousness, contrast from ideas to reality and reveal that reflects a certain degree of insight. Her positive attitude towards life and values, and should be able to inspire her peers. "Tang Mingbing said.
Act from pursuing stars love topic death of character concern in Wei and Jin Lin Qi classmates think of leaves, with her favorite celebrities in Wei and Jin Lin Qi, sort of "not worldly."
Lin Qi loved books since childhood. From junior high school to the present, she purchased books filled with the two large bookcases; before the Shanghai Library application card, first to the second day of the year, Lin Qi worked in a school Web site from the regular card to buy a Platinum. She is happy that the school relatively easy learning atmosphere. Even in the most stressful high school every day, she can still make time to read outside of the job every weekend for at least a day to read, a weekend you can see two copies of it. "The Liberal Cup" contest article writing tend to be at 12 o'clock in the evening after finishing his homework, she can hold a computer to write late into the night, one or two.
She doesn't often go shopping with classmates to sing KTV, "special attention", "entertainment super rare". This strict tutor is not unrelated. Working mother provided in the library, she could only use the phone in school, back home must be switched off; classmate Wang Shuyi says to call her at home, are through careful questioning of Lin Qi mother.
"The outside world contact, read more. "Lin Qi said," may be compared with peers, I don't have too many romantic little ideas. "Bail-meter Wang, Lin Qi does not blindly pursue fashion, but some" deliberately against the tide ". She does not like stars like a girl of the same age, "she like is either dead or invisible", which of course includes Lin Qi Wang Zeng-Qi's favorite writer, spoke of the "last scholar-officials of China" when she gave in to excited, and some slightly shy.
The love of Wei, Jin, character, is from reading Lu Xun's demeanor and articles began the relationship with drugs and alcohol. Lin Qi, "admits may not much like me interested in Wei and Jin dynasties, find classmates to discuss reluctance. "In the eyes of her Chinese teacher Tang Mingbing," was more than just, can be said to be unique ". But she still is keen to share with others, the King would often be pulled by Lin Qi Shu instrument telling anecdotes of the learned celebrities in the Wei and Jin dynasties, "clothes off curse or something" and say MI Heng Luo Yi drums called Cao's story.
Attention to the topic of death, has a personal reason. At the end of high school, a good elementary school classmate of Lin Qi suffering from brain cancer and died just one month. At that time, she saw a student's suicide in community news, quite don't understand: life is so fragile, why are people easily give it up? From this, she started thinking about celebrities in Wei and Jin's Outlook on life and death.
In fact, just in my junior high school days, Lin Qi on the classics are not interested in. And like most of their peers, and liked to watch her fantasy, martial arts, romance, such as "genre fiction". Participate in the ancient poetry and prose contest for the first time, failed, with one of the boys got the first prize, she was not convinced that "being attacked, just started reading". Buy first book of the guwen guanzhi, read "no it not strange, no it not strange" sentence, she was captivated by xuwenchang who is the Wei Jin character.
"During high school, those who have read the novel, and began to read classics. "However, until now, Lin Qi books covered are quite complex. Recently, Tang Mingbing the teacher gives her a task--a list of 10 books recommended reading. In the bibliography listed in her, in addition to the favorite Wang zengqi, Li Zehou's of the history of thought in ancient China, and Poe's the Red Masque; the complete works of Plato, there are science fiction of the three-body; a Dostoyevsky's the insulted and compromised, and the selected works of Mao Zedong.
Lin Qi think, does not necessarily to deliberately to from a began on reading classic, can from some type novel starts with, and many modern novel often is on classics of imitation wrote, even some not how of network novel also has desirable of part, "on reading itself produced interest Hou, only will habit more reading of habits, and good of bad of are read had has, only will has himself of judge and on text of select. "
Enjoy reading because there is a huge hunger for future considerations, "If you can do academic research, cannot be considered to be a teacher." Lin Qi in the eyes of scholars, is independent and free thinking people can stick to their views do matter; and her academic life, is to be fully committed to research and write about their favorite things, to express their views freely, and have discussions with like-minded people.
Although "not worldly", but Lin Qi is not only not a bookworm, club activities, is the backbone of the school debating society, also took five or six first prize in the speech contest. Although she did not like, is being forced to take part in all the time, "If you do not particularly like things, and spend time, that should do, not a waste of time and energy? "
However, the win in speech contests, debates over girl, attending the "liberal Cup" came out of the interview, tears "wow" to flow down. Interview Professor asked her to see which version of the Shi Shuo Xin Yu, she just felt that their accumulation is not enough.
In addition to his books, Lin Qi still love movies. Third time, she is responsible for the school's "weekend Playhouse" activities, from picking movies, make a poster, posted to the adjustment device is her task. Lin Qi also built a class Forum, Exchange and comments above.
But compared with the movies, Lin Qi still prefer reading books, "the movie is too slow, and into too many directors of subjective experience, but when I read, everyone can find their own opinion. "Apart from reading, she thought, would also love to share and express. She remembers, in high school, he wrote articles and that language teacher Wei Xiyun and completely at odds, but the teacher still loudly read her article in the class, she said: "I am very grateful to the teacher. "
"Love to read, because there is a huge hunger. "The 17-year old girl says.